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WordPress Installation

WordPress powers over 25% of all websites so you don’t need us to tell you how robust and powerful WordPress is. It makes light work of keeping your website up to day for those not savvy with code and combined with Elementor creates a super quick and easy website experience.

Professional design

We will hand you a design you will be proud of! We understand that your online look is everything when it comes to looking legitimate before your clients. We don’t play with design! We Produce Excellence! ….So your clients can feel at home.

Search Engine Optimised

SEO is how google recommends people to your website so we will hand you a fully optimized website so you can start receiving visitors as soon as its up.

Blazing Fast

Everything goes fast these days and we want it even faster. We will hand you a website that is already optimized for speed and your visitors can get what they want in no time.

Free Page Builder

When you get into this offer, we will give you a free page builder to immediately start beautifying your website. this is particularly usful for non coders. We will provide you a drag and drop page builder free for 3 months.

Security Plugin Install

Your website will come with fully functional security plugins so you won’t need to worry about unwanted visitors trying to get access to your pravacy.

This Free Blog setup offer IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

This offer will go away when the timer hits zero. Also, we operate on a first come first serve basis, don’t wait too long!

Sorry this offer has ended. Contact us to get into our waiting list.

What you will need to get your design kicked off immediately...

Domain name and Hosting

Get your domain (if you do not have one yet) and hosting with our selected providers.

Email reciept from Hosting purchase

Afterwards, simply email us your purchase receipt.

Have a blog already? No Problem...

For Just $59.99

Who is this free Blog setup offer for?

This free blog design is for non-techy entrepreneurs who are starting their online business and need an online presence. Our intention is to help you get started as soon as you can, skipping the overwhelm that comes from setting up a wordpress website by yourself. While we help you setup your WordPress Website, you will concentrate on the things that matter to you and your business.

Why are we offering this free of charge?

Is it Really Free?

The answer is a simple YES!!! We are offering this limited time offer completely free of charge.

Why are we offering free blog setup?

Billionaire Surge Media was started by a group of entrepreneurs who went through the hardships of starting their first online business just like everyone does. We noticed that the greatest overwhelm came from dealing with the techy side of things. This is the reason why majority of the blogs that start up actually fail within afew months. This overwhelm kills the initial drive for running a viral online business and the reason is simple, you can only focus on one thing as an individual. This means that while you focus on the blog setup (something that requires an enormous amount of work if you are new to wordpress), you are unconsciously letting go of the original idea of running your online business.

This is the reason we came in! To simply fill the gap and allow you the time to run your online bsuiness.

Even tho we offer paid Professional Website Design services, we offer free blog setup for startup entrepreneurs.

How do you keep this service free of charge?

Whilst you choose one of the hosting services we have recommended, we will earn a small commission when you use the coupon code we have provided. This will not add an extra cost on your side, infact, you will get a discount which is part of why we partner with these particular hosting providers. The Small commission we earn helps us with the administrative costs and tools so that we can continue to help other entrepreneurs like yourself who have a tight wallet a dn not looking to spend a fortune on a professional design in the beginning. In the end, we all win!!!

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