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Fact: Millions of people are now living and working on the internet. This means your business has greater chances of being found  online than ever.

Website Design offer.

40% off Bs360. Don’t let your business suffer without an online presence Take it online Now!!!


What’s included in Bs 360

Fully functional website.

You will get a fully functional website with clear calls to action , SEO friendly and all the necessary pages at no extra cost.

100% ownership

After the payment is made you will have full rights over your website. You will be able to change anything to whatever you want at any one time.

Free web hosting.

For a full year, you will have super fast website hosting that has a 99.9% uptime at no extra cost.

Free Domain name.

In case you dont have , you will be granted a top notch domain name of your prefarance at no extra cost.


Brand strategic planning

We will sit down with you to make a strategic plan on how to start your brand.

2 Months tecnical support

The package involves 2 months technical support where our team of experts will maintain your website for 2 whole months free of charge.

Social media connectivity

Our social media team will intergrate your brand/website with your social media channels.


Who is Bs 360 offer for?

Bs 360 offer is for you if you believe in making a difference. This offer best suits those who are starting up and would wish to make brands out of the their talents, skills or hobbies. It is also for those who have already started but have never taken their services online

Small business owners

You are starting or already own a business that you would like to take online

Own a personal brand

You already own a personal brand and now want to take it viral by getting it online.

You offer a service

You offer services like gardening, tutoring, hairdressing, plumbing and the like

Want to start online business

You want to make money online by selling items, affiliate marketing or dropshipping

Want to start a blog

You are a professional blogger or simply blog for fun

You have a message you think the world needs to know

Motivational speaker or like to start your career in speaking, starting a podcast or similar

Why is branding important

Your presence online is important. However, the way your customers see you online is on the other hand more important because that will determine the confidence they have in your product or service

What is Bs 360?

Bs 360 is a product by Billionaire Surge. This product includes a fully functional well designed website, free hosting and a free domain name.

Does my business really need a website?

75% of the population now works online, shops online and is most of the time indoors. This means we now have new communities which are all online. If you are ever going to maximise your business’ potential, Yes, your business needs a website.

Why has Bs 360 been massively discounted?

Bs 360 has been massively discounted to help as many businesses as possible to get online in order to maximise the potential of reaching millions who are now working and shopping online from home during this time.

Those who are crazy enough to think they can take advantage of the internet to grow their businesses are the ones who actually do.


What Clients Say About
Our Services

My new site created by Billionaire Surge just launched. They’ve done a great job of creating exactly what I wanted. Easy to work with and very responsive. They met all of my expectations and had a lot of insight regarding marketing tools I didn’t know existed.

Billionaire Surge is a great company to work with as they are always responsive and willing to do what it takes to get the job done right and in a timely manner. They are very reliable and intelligent..

We found Billionaire Surge after years of searching for the right SEO company and failing. They were a much needed blessing and exceeded our expectations in every way.



Website Design offer

Take your business online today. 40% off Bs 360 with free hosting and free domain. Enter details below to start now!

Website Design offer

Take your business online today. 40% off Bs 360 with free hosting and free domain Enter details below to start now!!!!

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