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What is branding and why is it important for your business

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Nike, Puma, KFC, Tesla, Target, Amazon, and Eminem are strong brands. This because when somebody talks of any, you immediately understand what is being talked about? All this is because of their brand names.

That leads us to a question; what is branding? Branding ranges from logos, slogans, images, people, signs, symbols, colors, design, or combinations of elements that distinguish a product, company, service, or person from others. This is what branding used to be but today, branding is much more than that. 

It is more than a logo or graphic element you use. According to Jeff Bezos, Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Agree? 

Branding is the process used to build a business or company’s identity. From the experience, design, services, social media platforms, workers, customers, or simply tangible and intangible prospects of a company.  

Physical prospects such as the logo, website, office space, color, slogan and those that aren’t visible such as services, experience, values, mission, reputation, and purpose all are important in branding.  

Think of it in this way, when you see the superman logo, what comes to your mind? From just the logo alone, you will be able to picture the person behind it, what he does, and everything about him that you know. That’s good branding, even if Superman is fictional, the branding was right and you can identify him from the logo, costume, and other things. That’s how important branding is. 

Do you really need branding? Let’s dive into it. 

Why is branding important?

  Should you focus on branding or let the business grow by itself and branding to the workout itself out? Here is what you need to know

  1. Branding builds trust.

People are more likely to buy services or products from brands they know because they can trust them.  

It is in rare cases that people may buy from brands that appear so strange to them.  

The more the audience understands your business better, the more they will start trusting you. People who understand and trust your brand are loyal customers.  

Branding builds an emotional connection between the customers and your business. It’s this connection that turns them into loyal customers and devoted to the business. 

A great built brand gives people something to believe and trust in. Good branding makes customers feel like they are part of something they can trust.  

Do you own an Apple device? It is really hard to turn a loyal customer of Apple to get an android. They trust the brand and feel what it offers is the best. 

Damn, that trust!! 

  1. Quality branding builds top talent.

compelling brand usually has loyal employees and attracts new quality talent. 

I would also quit my job if Facebook, Apple, Tesla called me to work for them. That is the power of building a great brand. 

You will know that you did your branding wrong when you post open jobs and receive zero applicants. This may be due to branding whereby employees have no trust in the company offering the job. 

Since employees need more than just work, a sounding name or brand will make many feel social and happy to work at your company. They will definitely work to achieve the company’s goals and protect them. 

  1. Branding creates new customers.

A perfectly branded business will have a lot of referral customers from already existing customers that spread information about the brand.  

People that are satisfied with your brand will post on their social media, talk about the brand to family and friends, and in many other ways that can increase sales and generates new customers. 

  1. Branding builds the financial value of a business.

Let’s take the example of Samsung, even without its assets, just its name is worth billions. That’s the power of branding. 

What a successful brand does is increase sales, growth of the business, attract new customers, attract investors or stockholders. At the end of the day, the company is worth more money. 

trusted brand can sell a product 10 times its price and people still buy it in huge numbers.  

Take the example of Apple with its annual sale of phones that usually have a little bit of update from the previous version, highly-priced but then people fight to get the new iPhone. 

Usually, it’s the brand that has value and not the product, service, or business assets.  

  1. Ease to advertise.

A sounding brand is easier to advertise and the adverts usually make sense no matter how short or boring they may be. 

However, for a business with an unknown brand, advertising is a bit difficult since you have to tell the audience about the business, who you are, what you offer and the product you are advertising. But for a known brand, just the product is fine since you are already familiar with the business. 

People are more likely to pay attention to adverts of a known brand. A product with a logo of a known brand doesn’t even need much advertising since the logo, slogan or name already advertises the product. 

  1. Branding creates easy recognition.

Branding can help you set yourself apart from the competition. With the ever-rising competition, you need something that can differentiate you from others. 

This goes from logos, colors, and others. Branding can help your customers recognize you from others. 

Even without anything, just the logo of Nike, Apple, and other famous brands lets you know the brand. 

Good branding improves the recognition of the business, products, employees, social media platforms, and other assets the company owns. 

Is this important? Definitely yes, when people recognize your brand, they are more likely to buy your products or services since they are familiar with the brand. 

what is branding

 How do you start branding?

Having understood what is branding and how it can change your business for the better, let us look at how to do branding that converts? 

Let me tell you this. Branding isn’t so easy, and if it were, every business would be great at it. It is however not difficult, though, it is just choosing a few important factors and executing them well.  

People that go wrong with branding focus on less important factors, waste much time and money on them while ignoring the most important ones. 

Don’t fall into such a group, here is how to build a brand people will love. 

Focus on the purpose of the business. 

While building the brand, ask yourself  

  • Why do we exist? 
  • What differentiates you? 
  • What problem does the business solve? 
  • Why should people care about the business? 

With these in mind, choose everything like brand name, logo, slogan, value, voice, packaging, and others aiming at answering the questions above. 

Use competitors’ brands within your industry to build your brand. 

You shouldn’t entirely copy or adapt strategies of great brands in your niche but be aware of what they do best and where they fail. 

The goal is to be different but that doesn’t mean that you should come up with very new ideas that never existed. While this might be a great move, it can be a huge flop too. 

Use your competitors’ strategies, add in your style and new features, and then in the section where they fail, go hit hard on those areas and become the best in those areas.  

Brand depending on your customer target. 

Effective branding always relies on the buyer persona. When building a brand, your target audience or customers should be one of the factors you build your brand on. It should be built to meet the needs of that specific type of customer. 

Here is what you should consider when determining your customer; 

  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Location 
  • Income 
  • Education Level 

You should therefore build your brand basing on the factors above. A brand behind a baby clothing business cannot be built the same as a business behind men’s clothes. 

Although these two businesses deal in clothes their customers are a lot different and therefore branding should be done differently for these two businesses. 

Aim to stand out and leave a mark. 

A catchy name, logo, tagline, slogan, packaging, and all that you can name. Put strong emphasis to create an appealing brand identity that is simple, catchy, and effective at delivering results. 

Here are some of the basic brand identity aspects you should focus on; 

  • Logo 
  • Colors 
  • Typography 
  • Design System 
  • Photography 
  • Illustration 
  • Iconography 
  • Data visualization 
  • Interactive elements 
  • Video and motion 
  • Web design 

You can’t be a master at all the above and for aspects, you can’t effectively accomplish, hire an agency or freelancer to help you out. 

The aspects above should be unique, memorable, simple, cohesive, easy to apply, and catchy. 

Market your brand. 

Spread your brand everywhere, be it social media, your packaging, business place, and anywhere else relevant.  

The essence is getting much exposure as possible. When people happen to see the brand identity more often, they will trust and love it. 

This will call for the creation of social media platforms, the setup of adverts, and other measures that can increase the publicity of the business. 

 The bottom line.

Branding may get quite complicated most especially when you are not so techy. This is where we come in, we can raise a brand for you at a small price.

Get a quote here.



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