The BlueHost review

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The blue host review

In this article, we shall particularly review BlueHost, one of the prominent web hosting companies, the plans and support services this company offers, the pros and cons, and above all, why we think it may be the best option for you.

Before we delve into BlueHost, it is important that we first learn what web hosting actually means, in order to paint a clear picture for our readers of where we are going. 

What is web hosting?

Look at a hosting company as a landlord who offers his or her property to let or to be used as a store. For any business or company to rent space or access the service, they have to pay rent. In the same line, web hosting companies house or store your business on the internet for users to access it.

Therefore, after getting a domain name, your next stop is a web host in order for your website to exist on the internet.

So, what is Bluehost and why is it attracting many customers?

BlueHost was founded by Matt Heaton as a free hosting service company called Later in 2003, it was renamed BlueHost and began offering shared hosting plans. It was later bought by Endurance International Group in 2010 and is now among the 20 largest web hosts.

Bluehost operates its servers in-house in a 50,000 square feet facility in Orem, Utah, and employs over 750 people in its Utah facility. It hosts over 2 million domains.

Why you should choose Bluehost?

Bluehost has both a domain name and web hosting all in one place. This means you are better organized although it comes with a cost. The domain name is up to $15 and web hosting of up to $2.95 per month.

Bluehost has affordable price plans. It rates you according to your preference. The price plans being; Shared Plan, the Plus Plan, and Dedicated Plan.

Bluehost offers a 30-day trial guarantee. This gives you time to first try out their services and see if they are up to your expectation. If you are not impressed with in the first 30 days, then you are very free to opt for your refund.

Bluehost has a wonderful support system. There is a team dedicated to helping anytime in case of a challenge.

BlueHost features quick and easy setup systems. An example is WordPress which am very familiar with. It is easier to run and install. 

Looking for a great hosting deal? You can currently save up to 65% on Bluehost plans. Use our special discount link to get this deal. Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The few shortcomings that may not be friendly to you

Apart from the $2.95 monthly cost, additional costs for things like system upgrades, security servers, or even the optimization plugins come in.

Domains need to be renewed constantly in order to keep your website running. With Bluehost, you will pay a different price every time you renew. They keep on increasing this price. This makes it difficult to estimate the operational costs 

Any time you add on a new feature on your website for the case of expansion or making your web site more attractive, it attracts a charge from Bluehost. You will definitely have to pay for this.

While other hosting sites have a free exportation service, at Bluehost, you will be charged $149.99 for 5 websites and 20 email accounts to be imported on to it. This happens in case you are transferring files from one hosting site to Bluehost.

BlueHost does not support Windows but Linux. This definitely affects those who need the windows server. 

Payment plan and service offered by Bluehost 

The bluehost review

Below are some of the plans and the respective services that BlueHost provides. 

The shared plan

Here, your website is put on the same server as other websites. All the websites on the same server share the RAM, disk space, and processor. With this arrangement, the costs are evenly shared which makes it cheaper. 

However, shared servers are prone to hacking attacks. 

The plus plan (VPS hosting)

In this package, the website ‘lives’ in the same server as other websites, but in an isolated environment. Here, the host runs many VPS instances on one box, but performance is almost always better than shared services.   

The dedicated plan

This works for companies that prefer to have full control over their website. This involves security, control, and the overall performance of the website.

 What support and services should you expect from Bluehost? 

Customer service

There is a team dedicated to helping anytime in case of a challenge. You can email or call for immediate customer service.

It offers articles, instructions, and guidance on how to build the website.  

It also provides a section of answers for the most asked questions. You can email and call them for immediate customer service.

Security Plan

Your website must be secured from all kinds of threats including viruses and hackers. For that matter, BlueHost has got a well-planned Security system.

Features like the two-factor authentication, single sign-on feature, and password reset page revamp to make sure that your account is owned by only you and no one else can log in to your account.

 So what makes Bluehost stand out as the best web hosting provider?

With speed, Bluehost is fast enough and this is what everybody needs. You want your websites to be accessed easily by our customers and Bluehost sorted that for you

Blue Host is one of the recommended host providers for WordPress Blogs. WordPress makes the website life so much easier to create and broadcast your content.

Bluehost provides an online store with a variety of shopping carts such as; OS Commerce, Cube, Zen, and many more. It goes further to easily integrate your transactions well-secured using  SSL  and Open PGP Encryption.  So you can have your money flowing in which also helps you keep your customers since they can find all your content and products in one place.

With Blue Host, your web site is secured and you are covered in all areas, including protection from hackers and viruses name it. 

Bluehost’s control panel is straightforward and easy to use. It offers quick access to a number of features that make your web site easier to operate.

Bottom line

With all that, I can confidently recommend Bluehost as a reliable, affordable, and most efficient for beginners because it provides a smooth process to start your website. It is definitely the right choice for you to build a website with.


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