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The best 8 WordPress premium themes. #1 is super fast.

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A WordPress theme is a collection of files (code, style sheets, and graphics) that dictate the overall appearance of a website. Simply, a theme is like a skeleton that brings out the figure of the website. 

When starting an E-commerce website, blog, or any other type, the selection of a good theme is important. A theme will determine a lot of factors on your site. 

The theme chosen can impact speed, navigability, design, colors, and a lot more. This means that when you go wrong with your selection you can easily mess up on important factors of your website. 

A theme will define your overall website design, font styling, colors, widget locations, page layouts, styles for blog posts, and additional styling. 

There are thousands of themes to choose from with each theme providing different kinds of extra features to stand out. 

What to look for in a theme. 

Responsiveness:  When choosing a WordPress theme select that one with good responsiveness on multiple devices.  

Simplicity: A theme with complex features and layouts may impact your website’s navigability and usage. Avoid themes that have got complicated navigations and features.  

Browser combability: Since your users will come from different browsers, the theme you use should be compatible with all browsers without breaking.  

Page builder-friendly: choose a theme that is compatible with different page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and others. 

SEO friendliness: A theme built with poor codes will ruin your rankings in search engines. Therefore, you should choose themes from trustworthy sources in order to be on the safe side of search engines. 

Reviews and ratings: Always check the reviews and ratings of the theme. This will give you insight into whether the theme is great or terrible. 

What are the best premium WordPress themes?

The best premium WordPress themes should have all the features above that you might be looking for in a theme. If you are paying for it, make sure it brings out value for your money. 

Through the years I have spent in the website industry, here are my top premium themes. 

1.  Acabado. 

Acabado theme is a lightning-fast theme that is SEO optimized made by Income school.  Acabado can get 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights test on both mobile and desktop even when the website has a lot of content on the page. 

It offers value for money as it is well optimized for SEO without the need of installing multiple plugins, can be used on many websites you own and the license lasts for a century. And income school promises if you still alive after the century, you will get the license for free. 

Top features: 

  • Speed: Very fast with 100% in Google page speed insights test. 
  • SEO without installation of additional plugins. 
  • Pinterest optimized. 
  • Clean code. 
  • Easy setup with inbuilt videos to help you set up and customize it. 
  • Great design. 

Best for: Blogs and niche sites. 

 Demo website: 

Price: $50 per year and One-time $99 for 100 years. Alternatively, you can get the theme for free when you sign up for Project 24 by Income school. 

2. Divi.

Divi is a premium WordPress theme that comes with useful plugins and a page builder. Talking about value for money, when you purchase the theme, you get along over 1000 layouts (templates) that you can use to create your website. 

It’s a multipurpose theme and can support all types of websites from E-commerce, educational, blogs and others. 

It includes a powerful drag and drop builder tool that you can use to create pages on your website. 

Top features. 

  • Large library of templates. 
  • Drag and drop page builder. 
  • Additional themes and plugins 
  • Easy to use. 

Best for: All websites. 

Price: $89 per year access or $249 for lifetime access. 

3. Avada.

The Avada theme is popular and one of the selling themes of all time for a reason.  

Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used on any type of website. With the Avada theme, you can import or use the many demos provided with page elements, colors, widgets, and many settings. 

The theme has a lot of page templates that you can choose from, edit to create your website.  

Additionally, Avada comes with a drag and drop page builder called Fusion builder. 

Top features. 

  • Fusion drag-and-drop page builder. 
  • 72 website demos (templates) to get you started. 
  • Large library of elements. 
  • Form builder. 
  • Different theme layouts and customization. 
  • Control panel with a lot of options. 
  • Header and footer builder. 
  • 100% WooCommerce compatible 

Best for: All websites. 

Price: $60 fora single site. 

4. X theme.

The X theme is a popular WordPress theme on Theme forest. It has a beautiful display, easy to use, and has got incredible loading times. The theme has different ”Stacks” which are designs that you can choose from for your site.  

X provides you with 4 main categories of pre-built demos containing multiple variations you can use to build your website.  

The theme is fully customizable and uses shortcodes to style your website. With a page builder, it is easy to get the best out of this theme to make a great website. 

Top features. 

  • Demos (templates) to get you started. 
  • Many X theme extensions. 
  • A lot of customization features. 
  • Cornerstone page builder. 
  • One-page Homepage. 
  • 30 additional premium plugins. 

Best for: All websites. 

Price: One-time $29 for a single website. 

 5. Oshine. 

Oshine is a great theme packed with a lot of inbuilt in features and compatible to all websites.  With 50 pre-built website demos, you will be able to get started with building your website.  The different categories such as online portfolios, agency websites, e-commerce websites, and others.  

For every type of website, you will have a demo to choose from. 

Oshine also has an integrated page builder tool that can help you build your website without investing in a page builder. 

Additionally, Oshine has useful tools such as image lazy loading and conditional CSS loading to improve your site performance. 

Top features. 

  • Pre-built website demos. 
  • 8 blog layouts. 
  • Wide range of customization options. 

Best for: All websites. 

Price:  $59 for a single website. 

 6. Enfold. 

Enfold is a popular responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is the second popular theme on Theme forest with a perfect 5-star rating. 

The theme also comes with demos that can easily help you get started.  The ease for Enfold to integrate with WooCommerce can turn the website into an e-commerce website. 

Top features. 

  • Many demo websites. 
  • Drag-and-drop builder. 
  • Multilingual feature with 20 different features such as French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, and others. 

 Best for: Portfolio and other websites. 

Price: $59 one-time fee on Theme forest. 

7. The 7 theme.

The 7 WordPress theme is an amazing premium theme that comes with three design styles with each design having a different appearance. This makes you have plenty of options to choose from, it’s like having multiple themes in one.  

With over 230k downloads, the 7 WordPress theme is popular for good reasons. 

It comes with a visual page builder, premium plugins, compatible with many plugins, and the 7 theme has an elegant look. 

Top features. 

  • 48+ Pre-made demo websites to choose from. 
  • 6 Premium plugins included. 
  • Multilingual and translation ready. 
  • Deep Integrations with WooCommerce. 
  • Wp Bakery page builder. 
  • Great loading speeds. 

Best for: All websites. 

Price: $39 lifetime use on a single site. 

8. Be Theme. 

Be theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme on Theme forest and is among the best sellers. It offers a wide range of features, designs and additional features. It can be used on almost every type of website from small to huge online stores.  

Be theme has over 150 layouts to choose from to get your website started with a single click. 

Top features. 

  • Muffin drag-and-drop page builder. 
  • WpBakery page builder is also included. 
  • 600+ pre-built website demos. 
  • Fully customizable. 
  • Translation and multilingual ready. 
  • Fully compatible with Elementor page builder 
  • 3 premium plugins. 

Best for: all websites 

Price: $59 onetime fee for a single website. 

Are premium WordPress themes worth it?

Premium WordPress themes come with additional features more than what a free theme would have given you. Should you choose a premium theme over thousands of free themes out there? 

I know premium themes can be expensive most especially when you are starting up and have to pay for a lot of things such as hosting and plugins. 

Here is my honest answer on whether you should buy a premium theme.  

With premium themes, you are going to save money. Since most of them come with inbuilt pre-made demos or templates, you will not need to hire a website designer for nice looking and functional website. 

On the other side, many premium themes come with page builders that would have cost you a lot of money to purchase on their own. 

Other reasons to purchase a premium theme. 

  • Pre-built website demos to choose from. This will save you a lot of time when you don’t have to build a website from scratch. 
  • Some themes can be used on multiple websites. 
  • Premium plugins included. Some themes come with premium plugins on their purchases. This saves you money in case you needed to buy those individual plugins on their own. 
  • Great quality and designs. Since premium themes are designed by professionals, you always get the best quality and designs. 
  • Great functions: premium themes will come with great functions that you may not find on free themes. 
  • One-time Purchase: if the theme you chose offers a one-time purchase as most do, you will be able to save money. 
  • Tech support: with premium themes, you always get priority support from the developers. 

However, when you find out that your budget can’t support a premium theme at the start, use a free theme and upgrade when you are ready. 

 There are a lot of free WordPress themes such as Astra with pretty cool amazing features and speeds.  I have seen a lot of websites using free themes and they are performing pretty well and with better website designs than people with premium themes. 

It is therefore upon you to decide whether you need a premium theme or no, but if you are taking my advice, you definitely need a premium theme. 

Where can I buy premium WordPress themes?

I will recommend 2 trusted websites from which you can get quality premium themes with great and functional themes. 

 The bottom line.

When purchasing a theme, choose that you can use on multiple websites or that with a one-time payment. Either of those options will save you a lot of money .


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