How to get Google AdSense approval.

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Getting approved by Google AdSense is one of the achievements new bloggers celebrate.  To many, this process is not easy and might require multiple tries till they are approved. 

It is a different story to others who get approved on the first try even with a blog of weeks old. 

I might call them myths to people who tell you that your blog should be older than 6 months, or have over 30 articles. 

Talking from experience it is possible to get approved by Google AdSense 2 weeks after your website set up with only 10 articles. and as long as you meet the basic requirements. 

For my clients and own niche sites, I am always approved on the first attempt even for new blogs that are less than a month old. I feel that I have the solid advice that will save you a lot of time and stress about getting approved by Google AdSense. 

It usually, takes 7 –14 days but getting verified can be as quick as 12-48 hours.  

The bad thing about Google AdSense is that they don’t even specify the reason why your blog was rejected as they just give you a general reason that is not helping. 

Reasons your Google AdSense request may be declined.

  • Missing important pages.

When your website or blog misses important pages such as ‘About us’, ‘contact us page ‘, and terms of use, your request for Google AdSense may be declined. You will get feedback telling you that some important pages are missing, it is usually these pages that are being referred to. 

  • Poor quality or Plagiarized content.

Content that was copied from another website or online source can be detected by Google AdSense and can be the cause of rejection of your application. 

Poor quality content that is poorly formatted, poorly written, or very short articles can also be the cause of your application decline. 

When you don’t have content on your website, Google AdSense may not approve your application. 

  • Under 18.

When you apply with a google account of an underage person, your application will not be approved.  

  • When you have a previous ban.

Your application will be declined if you once applied for Google AdSense and misused it resulting in a ban. Your chance of being accepted again will be less. 

  • Inappropriate site or with links to harmful websites.

If your website promotes highly sensitive sexual content (porn), selling harmful products, or is affiliated with inappropriate websites that you link to, your application will be declined. 

  • Server downtime.

Google AdSense will decline websites that have a poor uptime, always crashing, or a website that constantly goes offline. 

  • Encouraging users to click on Ads.

Having text or images that ask your readers to click on ads will cause a rejection of your application as this is against their policies. 

  • Poorly built website.

Your application will be declined if your website is crowded with no proper spacing, has no proper navigation from page to page or has a poor structure that is not user friendly. 

How to get approved by Google AdSense.

 As long as you got a quality website, not breaking any laws, and got great content, you will simply get approved by Google. Here is a detailed breakdown of what you need to get approved.

1.  Create a quality website.

A quality website that is user friendly is a virtue to get approved by Google AdSense.  

Your website should be mobile compatible, accessible to all users, with fast load times, proper spacing (margin and padding), effective navigation, excellent color selections and generally looking good or well organized. 

2. Unique and interesting content.

Having high quality, original, and helpful content will get you approved for AdSense. Have at least 8 original articles without any form of plagiarism. 

And when they say quality content, it should be well formatted, spaced, and written with the right grammar. Avoid thin content or content that no one is interested in reading. 

Your content should comply with the AdSense program policies. Simply, your content shouldn’t be abusive, racist free, doesn’t promote violence or affiliated to websites that do kind of ‘illegal’ content. 

3. Be 18 years and older.

AdSense only accepts applicants who are 18 and over, if you are younger, have a guardian set it up for you. 

Comply with this by using a Gmail account with details of at least 18 years. You don’t need to create a new one if you already have one. 

4. Own a Top-level domain.

Apply with a top-level domain instead of free domains like those given by Blogspot or trial emails. Register a top-level domain that is internationally recognized. 

The reason why many Blogger-powered or blogs don’t get approval is when they keep using the domain names that were given to them during registration. A blogger, Wix, WordPress, Tumblr, or SquareSpace domains will not work.

5. Create Important pages.

Important pages as Google calls them are The About and Contact pages. These are very essential when applying for Google AdSense.  

In case you don’t have them, your application may be rejected.  

Google would want to know who is behind the website that’s why the About page is very important. The Contact page will be needed for all websites so that website visitors can reach out to the owners of the website for any reason. 

Additionally, a privacy policy page is another page your website should have. A privacy policy is much easier to make with many online generators. 

6. Avoid using Images with Copyrights.

A website with no infringements will be accepted much faster and easier without denials. Use stock free or original images instead of those that you don’t have rights on. 

7. You weren’t banned before.

Make sure you weren’t banned before from using AdSense because you will be rejected. 

If it is a new website created from scratch with a fresh domain, you don’t have to worry about this. However, if you have purchased an already existing website that has been banned, chances of Google Approval are very little. 

Always check the domain or website before you buy it.   

8. Don’t install spam Ads before applying for AdSense.

Although Google AdSense permits the use of other ad networks, it is a wise decision not to have them though before applying. 

The big mistake done by many beginners is the love for money which forces them to install ads that look spammy. Many ad networks that allow websites with low traffic usually give spammy ads and pop-ups. 

Such ads will get your application turned down since the website will look spammy already. 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

How can I get AdSense in 1 minute? 

It is impossible to get approved this quickly. Usually, AdSense will need time to review your website.  

How long does Adsense Approval take? 

The quickest time you can get approved is within 24-48 hours but it can however take up to one to two weeks. 

Does website traffic matter for Adsense approval? 

Unlike what other articles say about having at least 100 unique visitors a day, if you follow the steps above, you can get approved even with zero unique visitors in a day. 

Does your website need to be 6 months and older to get approved? 

My answer is No because I once got Goole Adsense for a website that was 2 weeks old.  

How many times should I apply to get approved? 

If you follow the steps above and you have quality content, you can be approved on the first go even under 12 hours. 

The bottom line.  

Geeting approved isnt so hard as long as your website is built well with quality articles. In case you need help with Google Adsense aprroval, reach our Agency . 


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How to get Google AdSense approval.

Getting approved by Google AdSense is one of the achievements new bloggers celebrate.  To many, this process is not easy and might require multiple tries till