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What are the benefits of WordPress? Is it worth the use?

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What is WordPress? 

WordPress ( is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP, paired with an MYSQL and MariaDB database.  

In a non-techy or non-geek language, it is probably the easiest way to create a content management system website. 

WordPress is very popular and powers around 35% of all websites on the internet. It is by far the most used CMs contributing to over 61.8%, followed by Joomla which is far behind with 4.7%. 

Simple WordPress stats. 

  • Over 70 million posts are made each month. 
  • More than 1.1 new registered domains choose WordPress every 6 months. 
  • WordPress is searched for 2,940,000 times each month. 
  • It dominates Google’s SERP with 2.28 billion results. 

But is WordPress worth it? Should you choose WordPress out of the many options offered by the internet? 

Generally, WordPress is free, easy to set up, secure, flexible, SEO friendly, and has many benefits. Read on for a more detailed view of the benefits of WordPress. 

Benefits of WordPress.

WordPress has got many pros and this is the main reason why it is popular.  

  1. WordPress is absolutely free.

No hidden charges or sign-up fees, you will get WordPress free of charge. Even when your traffic increases or you turn your website into an E-commerce website, WordPress will not charge you. All you need to do is to get a reliable hosting plan and you are good to go.  

As long as your domain and hosting are working properly, your WordPress website will be on air without paying additional fees for WordPress. 

  1. Easy to set up.

Most hosting providers have a one-click WordPress install that will make things easy. During signing up for the hosting plan, you are given an option to install WordPress easier with just a button. 

Alternatively, you can download WordPress in a zip file, upload it onto your website. It is easy just download it for free, install it on your website. 

  1. Flexible.

People always think that WordPress is built for blogging purposes. At one point that was the case but for now, WordPress has evolved with new updates and upgrades every year, it can support all kinds of websites. 

 It supports small businesses, personal blogs, e-commerce websites, membership sites, chatrooms, galleries, e-learning modules, job boards, forum websites, auctions, and even multinational corporations. 

WordPress can contain full service and functionality of e-commerce stores, social networks, podcasts, blogs, and many others.  

Even when you are changing from a certain website group to another, you will find it so much easy without extra charges incurred. It is a matter of getting certain plugins and configurations and you are good to go. 

What makes the whole process easy is the flexibility of WordPress using only plugins to get the desired type of website. For example, to turn a website into an E-commerce store, you just download and install a plugin like Woo-commerce which is free and easy to use. That’s how flexible WordPress can be. 

  1. Secure and safe.

Since WordPress is popular and used by many, it may be a target for hackers who would want to take control of other people’s websites. However, WordPress is serious with its security to make the platform trusted by its users.  

The WordPress team does updates and fixes glitches and bugs to make it safe.  There are also various plugins that can increase the security of your website. Caution should however be taken on the installation of plugins. Outdated or those from untrusted sources may leave the website vulnerable to threats and attacks from hackers. 

  1. It’s been around for years.

WordPress is not a new platform and has existed since 2003 even no one had the basic idea about CMS or a blogging site. It started as a tool for bloggers but has quickly grown to support even multinational or enterprise websites. 

Does a long time in the industry make WordPress worth it? Yes, it shows that WordPress has gathered enough knowledge through the course of years to become a success. 

The long time in the industry is also a guarantee that WordPress isn’t a scamming platform or one that will close soon after you trust it with your website. 

  1. Easy to use.

Even when you aren’t a website guru or expert, WordPress is easy to go around with.  

Starting from the installation, WordPress has a one-click install option and an installation wizard that will guide you at every set during the setup. 

The WordPress dashboard is also straight forward and you will be able to change themes, add plugins, and customize the website with ease. 

WordPress is also in 196 different languages which makes it easy for everyone even non-English speakers. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization friendly.

Search engine friendliness is an essential and a ranking factor on search engines. WordPress is built to be SEO friendly from its functions, speed, and framework. The reason behind WordPress’s friendliness is being built using simple compliance and high standard codes.  

The WordPress platform gives each page and posts a certain preference for WordPress by giving them unique meta tags, keywords, and other SEO factors WordPress. 

Additionally, WordPress has SEO tools such as Yoast that can help improve SEO and rank higher. SEO plugins will help you with keyword ranking and other ranking factors. For example, Yoast lets you produce an SEO friendly post or page by guiding you through SEO factors that you should improve on your page post. 

  1. Easy content creation.

Creating posts is much easier with WordPress and this is why it is a popular CMS. To create a post in WordPress, go to the dashboard, and select add a new post. From there, you will find that things are ae much easy and straightforward. After writing your post, you will have options of either publishing immediately or scheduling your post. 

The addition of media in form of images (almost every format), audio, and video are also much easier with WordPress.   You can add media with just a click of a button without coding or complicated procedures. 

  1. Easy customization.

With plenty of themes and plugins, WordPress is easy to customize to suit your requirements and website preferred looks. 

There are lots of free and premium themes that you can use to set your website. Themes can easily be changed in the themes section on the dashboard. With WordPress, you can change the theme without changing much of your website. You won’t need to rebuild the website after changing the theme. 

When it comes to designing pages, WordPress has a lot of free and premium page builders. A popular page builder is Elementor which has a free and premium plan that lets you drag and drop elements on a canvas to create a fully functional page. 

  1. Full control over your website.

WordPress is open-source which means that you have full control over your website. WordPress’s building code is free and can be accessed by all users. You can add all the plugins you want, change themes, change functionality, and all you can think of.  

Unlike Wix, Shopify, and others that are capped at certain features till you upgrade, WordPress is different as it gives you all the freedom. 

With WordPress, you can choose your hosting provider which isn’t the case with Wix, Shopify, and others who dictate the hosting and features you should use while operating with them. 

With WordPress, you aren’t tied down by poor services or delivery from the plugin, themes, or hosting providers. You are free to change any you wish at a time that you want. 

  1. WordPress websites are responsive.

Responsiveness is a ranking factor and WordPress has got you covered with its responsive displays on all devices. 

The themes, posts, and pages are built to change according to the size of the screen.  Although it may need a little work to make the website responsive, most of the part will be done by WordPress. 

  1. Multi-user adding.

You can add multiple users with different responsibilities. You aren’t tied to the number of users you add to help you run your website. This is a reason why you should choose WordPress because its alternatives limit the number of users you can add so that you can upgrade to get more users added. 

The users added to WordPress can have different responsibilities and powers on your website. 

  1. Easy Integrations.

WordPress is compatible with many third-party tools. You can integrate your website with email marketing software, Payment gateways, Google Analytics, and other tools for the smooth running of your website. 

In comparison with its competitors or alternatives that may have dedicated tools, WordPress gives you the freedom to integrate and use tools of your choice. 

What type of websites is WordPress good for?

WordPress is a platform that you use for any kind of website. Take WordPress as molten metal which you can mold into any tool. 

As long as you have a domain name and hosting, install WordPress and transform it into any of these websites. 

  • Blog or personal website. 
  • Business website. 
  • E-commerce store. 
  • Job board. 
  • Business directory. 
  • Question and answer website (Forum). 
  • Non-Profit (Charity, religious) 
  • Online communities. 
  • Auction websites. 
  • Multilingual websites. 
  • Learning modules. 
  • Knowledge base websites. 
  • Podcast websites. 
  • Affiliate websites. 
  • Photography websites. 
  • Brand websites. 


Downsides of using WordPress.

Although WordPress has many great features and pros, it has some downsides which we can’t skip talking about.  They include; 

1.  Security issues.

WordPress websites are vulnerable to hackers and threats since they have an open-source platform 

One of the ways hackers can get into your website is by installing outdated plugins or themes from unreliable sources. 

In fact, WordPress is the most hacked CMS platform worldwide, and therefore if you don’t take your security issues seriously, you can be hacked. 

2. Needs frequent updates.

Since outdated plugins and themes can pose a threat to your website, regular updating of themes is needed. This can be time-consuming and you need to be active on your WordPress website to look for glitches and new updates. 

3. You can easily mess up your website.

Since WordPress gives you the freedom to customize, change, or add in any plugin, theme, or software, you can easily mess your website. 

One of the mistakes beginners do is add a lot of plugins to their websites. These plugins can slow the website, miscommunicate, and can perform alternating functions thus messing up the website. 

You can also easily break your site by customizing the codes of themes or websites. This too much freedom can be harming especially when you are a new user of WordPress. 

4. You may need coding.

Some customization features require basic knowledge of coding. With WordPress, you should at least know some CSS in order to fully customize your website. 

 Without coding knowledge, you will not be able to get unique designs for your websites. 

Without coding knowledge, you will be required to download a plugin to fulfill that feature of which you failed to code. This will make you have a lot of plugins even for simple features a single line of code would have done. 

5. You will need a lot of plugins.

Since WordPress greatly depends on plugins for additional features, you might need many and this can slow down your website. Some plugins are not free and thus it may be costly to get those plugins if you have to use many for a smooth website experience. 

What are WordPress alternatives?

Generally, website builders are WordPress alternatives since they have their own platforms and you won’t need WordPress to work around them. 

The popular ones are; 

  • Shopify. 
  • Wix. 
  • Weebly. 
  • Square Space. 
  • Site123. 
  • Joomla. 
  • Web node. 
The bottom line.

Choosing WordPress will give you the freedom to try out everything you might think of but you may need help from an expert over certain things. If you aren’t sure and you would want something simplified, website builders might be an option. 


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