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Are page builders worth it?

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Beginners or already established website owners might wonder if a website builder or page builder could be the right choice to start up or maintain a website. 

These two options sound similar but they are a lot more different. Here is the breakdown. 

Page builders: are WordPress plugins that feature drag and drop elements that you can put together, customize to make a fully functional page of a website. With page builders, you should build page by page of a website. A popular page builder is Elementor. 

These are usually associated with WordPress-powered websites and are in form of plugins.  

Website builders:  are tools that allow the construction of a whole website without manual code editing. They are made easy to use such that you choose options, answer questions, and choose a template for your website. Even without basic website design and development with a website builder such as Wix, you can get a fully functional website in a short time. 

With a visual editing tool, you get to input your website details in places you would want them. 

What are the most popular page builders?

Are page builders worth it?

For the time I have spent running and building websites, I have tried both page builders and website builders. I prefer page builders but are they worth your time and use. Here is why; 

  1. Page builders give you more customization room compared to website builders. With page builders, you can fully customize an element or section from its structure, color, margin, and effects. With many website builders, customization is kind of limited. 
  2. Most page builders are free. When starting a new website, your funds are limited since you will not be earning from your website. Many people, start earning after the website is at least six months old. Now if you are paying let’s say $20 per month for a website builder that’s 120 dollars after 6 months yet you can choose a free page builder like Elementor and turn funds t something else. 
  3. You can use templates when using page builders to build pages much faster. Many page builders come with templates and sections that you can use instead of building from scratch. 
  4.  Page builders are easy to use just a mere drag and drop even when you lack coding skills. I don’t know how to code too and I am not willing to earn but with page builders, I have been able to build amazing designs and functional websites with Page builders. The fact that there are many page builders out there switching between them will be relatively free and easier compared to website builders. 
  5. Page builders are money and time-saving. Using page builders can save you a ton of trouble, time, and money. Hiring a website developer every time you need to make a page or change something on your website will cost you money, time, and its stressful following freelancers around. 
  6. Page builders let you have full control over your website. The fact that page builders use WordPress, you will have full access to the pages you build. You will be able to delete, edit, and customize individual pages without changing your entire website.  
  7. With page builders, you can create amazing layouts or pages and save them as reusable templates that you can apply to their sites or pages. 
  8. Another great advantage of using page builders is that you will be able to have your pages and changes saved even when you remove most of the page builder. 
  9. With page builders, you will have immediate changes to your pages immediately after you save them. 

The cons of using page builders. 

  • Page builders require a lot of creativity and design knowledge especially when you are building pages from scratch. A beginner will not be able to design a perfectly functional website by just dragging and dropping elements. You will need to have more knowledge about page builders to fully have the website functional and good looking. 
  • Although page builders might be free, some cool features are restricted until you upgrade to the premium versions. 
  • Page builders are heavy and will require a heavy machine and a computer with low specs can constantly freeze and limit page building. You will also not be able to build using devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Page builders only work properly on computers. 
  • Page builders don’t have the same interface and functionality. Knowledge from one-page builder might not fully apply to another page builder. For example, I have always been using Elementor and when I tried switching to the Beaver page builder, things were so straight forward and I had a hard time getting around the tool. 
  • Pages built with page builders are heavy and tend to be slow to load especially when you have a lot of elements or animations on your page. Page builders put excess codes into your pages and this decreases their loading speed. 
  • Page builders may contain heavy markup or non-semantic code that can greatly impact your SEO ranking of the website. 

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What you should know when using page builders.

  • Use one-page builder at a time. Using multiple page builders will cause conflicting results as well as slow down your website. 
  • Do your research before you choose a page builder on your website. In choosing a page builder, consider simplicity or ease, functionality, changes, SEO options, responsive web design, page load speed, customer support, and affordability. 
  • Build your website page using only required and essential elements as a lot of unnecessary elements will slow the page loading speed. 
  • Optimize the pages you build for mobile and tablet to ensure a good website experience on all devices. Do this by changing into tablet and tablet form then make the elements responsive to those particular views. 

 The bottom line.

Page builders are awesome tools or plugins to get your website setup. You should however be careful about the choice of your website as this will affect your website speed if you choose a crappy page build that inputs excess code into your website.

The other alternative of page builders apart from coding is a website builder.  Read the article  The best website builders. I checked and made demo websites.

 From the article, I compared website builders to get you the best in terms of pricing, functionality, and ease.


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